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Dance + Faith

Editors note: Moriah Edwards is a new dance friend from the West Coast Swing Community, who recently posted this on her page. This is more evidence that if you learn couples dance, your body will become more theological, and it will reveal to you the truth of who God is and how he loves you. I have not yet had the chance to talk with Moriah about what I have learned about my faith through dance, and yet upon careful reflection in the Holy Spirit she has come to the same knowledge and wisdom.

How does partner dancing represent our relationship with God? At a basic level, I have heard taught that in partner dance, the leader is the picture frame, and the follower is the picture. It is also widely said that the leader’s job to make the follower look good, all while never harming them. How does this translate to how we interact with God? If you look a little deeper, how we dance in partnership directly relates to how we interact with the Lord. Simply: He leads, we follow, and dance is microcosm of that relationship. (continue Reading on Moria's Blog)

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