In person lessons on hold through April

Due to COVID19, in person lessons will be on hold until the end of April, possibly longer depending on what authorities decide. Thank you for understanding in this difficult time.

Online Lessons for Individuals, Couples and Families!

Blessings Y'all! With the quarantine going into April, I don't want to stop teaching! We've been doing online lessons and they have worked great!  So whether you are by yourself, or have a spouse or a family, you can schedule online dance sessions! We find a good time, then we can figure out what dances you want to work on and work at least on patterns, stylings and musicality. If you have another person(s) with you then you can also add some connection!

Cost: First time is free!

Subsequent times is $10 for 30 minutes (1/2 the price of our usual private lessons!) Plus, as a ministry, we still reduce cost based on need! Let's keep dancing!

What do I need to do an online lesson? How does it work?

You need a computer with a working camera and internet connection. It also helps to have room big enough that you can be at least 12 feet from the computer so I can see your entire body, although that is not a requirement.

We connect via the Zoom app, and after the first lesson I will send you a link where you can pay online.


I teach you in a similar manner to how I would teach a group class, although you will get more individual attention and a lesson tailored to you.

Can we learn as a family?

Definitely! Learning with a small group will be helpful!

Do I need a partner?

A partner does help in this situation, but it is not necessary. I’ve taught individual lessons and there are a ton of things we can work on that will improve your dance.

When can I schedule a lesson?

Since this is the work of the Lord, I am available to teach lessons 7 days a week. Please email me or give me a call and we can find a time that works for both of us!

To schedule a lesson or for more info email

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