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Couples dance is an inherently Christian activity, and we believe our churches should be fostering and supporting excellent dancing. However, most parishioners and parish leadership know very little about dance or ballroom etiquette. The CCBF provides beginner level lessons leading up to the ball. We focus on Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Polka, all elegant dances, but also lively and fun! The pre-dance lessons are extremely important! It is impossible to have a dance unless a significant portion of your attendees know some dance and ball etiquette.


We can also provide help with

  • choosing venues and orchestras

  • graphic and website design

  • marketing content

  • outreach to the Chicago dance community.


Our vision with the  CCBF is to establish 10-12 balls. Three our four will be "Major Balls" with a ticket cost of around $70 and an attendance of 300-400 people. The rest will be "minor balls" with a cost of approximately $25 and an attendance of approximately 150 people.

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