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Theology of Dance Retreats are unlike any other retreat you've been on! We interweave talks, discussion and reflection with quality dance instruction that focuses on building lead-follow skills. You’ll learn why dance is such an effective analogy for understanding our faith life and for loving God and neighbor while you build relationships with those in the TOD Community. Retreats can be tailored to different groups such as couples, schools or youth. Your retreat can run from 1/2 day to a full weekend. Retreats are good for groups of 30 to 150. A great option for a retreat is to end with a dance party.

Upcoming Retreat: Theology off Dance 101/ Dancing With Christ

Saturday, November 9th

Lakeview Center at Gillson Park

800 Gillson Park Drive Wilmette Illinois

In partnership with St. Mary's in Evanston we are pleased to  offer a four hour retreat with dance lessons and talks!


4:00 pm Retreat Start Time

Lesson 1: Intro to Foxtrot

Overview of the dance, the music associated with the dance, plus some basic patterns and techniques

Talk 1: Intro to Theology of Dance

What is the Theology of the Body & Why is it important?  Why Theology of Dance? The 4 Meanings of our bodies. The 3 Parts of the Dance. The 4 qualities of Good relationship. The 2 Paths of blessing

Dinner Break

Lesson 2: Intro to West Coast Swing

Overview of the dance, the music associated with the dance, plus some basic patterns and techniques


Talk 2: Dancing with Christ

What Learning Dance Does for Our Prayer. The Three Expressions of Prayer: Vocal, Meditative & Contemplative and how they happen in our lives. The “point” of our dance with Christ is contemplating each other in the Holy Spirit. Listening to the Holy Spirit: Our Divine Music. Following Jesus, our leader.


8:00 pm Open Dancing:

Classy Swing! Mix of Foxtrot, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, Music is DJ'd by Theology of Dance. Dance is free for all Retreatants.

Non-retreatants can attend the dance as well, $10 entry.



Cost is $40


Retreat is limited to 50 retreatants. Retreat fee includes retreat and post retreat dance, dinner and complimentary drinks

You Must Pre-Register!!!!

To register go to either

go to the Eventbrite page


or contact


Karie Ferrell  at St. Mary in Evanston

(847) 864-0333

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