What We Do

Group Dance Classes

Group classes focus on teaching dance while also providing a basic level understanding of the Theology of the Body. Our lessons provide high quality instruction and are a lot of fun with an incredible sense of community! 


For each dance we provide 30 minutes to an hour of lessons. We can also provide music. We have our own sound system and play lists that have been picked to create a proper spirit of the dance, though our preference is for live music, provided it is of a dance-able quality. Our goal with dances is to have fun and to build bridges between churches as well as  create a place for the church to engage the world.

Dance Retreats

 Theology of Dance Retreats are unlike any other retreat you've been on! We interweave talks, discussion and reflection with quality dance instruction that focuses on building lead-follow skills. You’ll learn why dance is such an effective analogy for understanding our faith life and for loving God and neighbor while you build relationships with those in the TOD Community. Retreats can be tailored to different groups such as couples, schools or youth. Your retreat can run from 1/2 day to a full weekend. Retreats are good for groups of 30 to 150. A great option for a retreat is to end with a dance party.

Sample Outline

1:00 Opening Talk

1:15 Dance Lesson 1

2:00 Talk 1

2:20 Guided Discussion

2:30 Q&A / Group Discussion

2:40 Break/ Reflection Time

3:00 Dance Lesson 2

3:45 Talk 2

4:05 Guided Discussion (10 minutes)

4:15 Q&A/ Group Discussion

4:25 Reflection Time

4:45 Closing Prayer

5:00 Dance Party



2 Hours: $300

4 Hours: $500 for a half day,

8 Hours : $800 for a full day,

Additional time: $100/ hour after that.


 We do talks and presentations on a variety of topics, include the Trinity, prayer and mystical union, understanding the Holy Spirit, marriage and sexuality, and the connection between the Theology of the Body and Catholic Social Teaching. Presentations can include dance demonstrations. 

Cost: Presentation costs vary. Please contact us for price. 

The Power of the Dance Demonstration

One of the great advantages we have over most other presenters and catechists is the dance demonstration. If a picture is worth  thousand words, and a movie is made up of a thousand pictures, a dance demonstration is a movie on the Theology of the Body you can enter into and touch and feel. It allows us to convey profound theological and mystical truths in a matter of seconds.

Private/ Small Group Lessons

We offer private lessons in all our dances. I cannot stress enough the importance of private lessons. The higher cost of private lessons is usually more than offset by the amount of attention and the progress that results. There is simply no way for a teacher to take the kind of time in a lesson or even in a practica to give you the kind of attention you get in a private lesson. The material is tailored directly to you and the results will show. We offer private/ small group lessons before and after regular classes and on the weekends. Privates are best taken in conjunction with group classes and regular practice.

Cost: The regular rate is $40 per hour. Limit 4 people.

Whom Do You Work With?

We've worked with colleges, youth groups, couples, young adults, and regular old mixed groups of people. If you like we are happy to provide a resume of events we've done along with references.

The Dancer's Prayer

Bless us LORD, and bless our lesson. May we, through the gift of dance, grow in virtue,  understanding and love, that we may better become the sign of you, our loving GOD.


LORD JESUS, thank you for taking on human flesh, that we might partake in your divine life. May we faithfully follow your lead every moment of our life, until one day we dance in heaven with you, in the music of the HOLY SPIRIT, in the glory of GOD the FATHER, forever and ever, Amen.


Available Dance Styles


Viennese Waltz


East Coast Swing

West Coast Swing


Night Club Two Step

Country Two Step

Cha Cha



FAQ's About Lessons

What if I have two left feet/ have no rhythm? Whether you call it two left feet or lack of rhythym, you can still dance. Sometimes it's lack of coordination and other times just nerves. It may be hard to overcome on your own. Don't let it stop you from coming! With individual time and attention we can cure just about every case of two left feet, often in as little as five minutes.


Do I need a partner? You can come by yourself. In fact if you don't have a partner it's better to come than look for a partner, who may not really want to come and who will keep you from improving.  


We rotate partners during class. Rotating partners allows those without a partner to participate. It also helps us improve our dance ability by exposing us to other dancers and their style of leading or following. Also, when you go social dancing you will be expected to dance with several different partners.


I'd love to come but I'm too busy. We make time for what's important. While it initaially can be stressful dancing very soon becomes a favorite way to relieve stress in a healthy way as well as to grow as a person.


Just about every dancer I've talked to says they wished they learned to dance sooner (except those who started at three!)


We have children. You can bring them! When I go dancing it's very common for people to bring their children. We are happy to have children come. One of the best gifts you can give your children is the knowledge of how to dance, and it will help build a closer, more trusting family.


Do I need dance shoes? You can dance without them, but they make dancing easier. Dance shoes have suede on the bottom, but shoes with leather bottoms also work well. If you don't have dance shoes show up with something comfortable that you can slide pretty well in and we will go from there. Many of the shoes I go dancing in are street shoes with a sufficiently slick bottom. Please note that if it is raining, snowy, or otherwise wet outside we will require all students to remove their outdoor shoes before stepping onto the dance surface.


Financial Aid Policy

Our primary mission is to evangelize train Christians in the Faith and to spread the Gospel. While we like to be paid to teach, we never want a person to not attend  a group lesson or retreat for a lack of money. When attending events please explain the situation before the event and we will typically reduce or waive the lesson cost. For events hosted by churches, schools or other groups we will reduce or waive the fee if asked.


We often do one time events for free. Ongoing events will always require some support. 

For private lessons  we will reduce cost. We typically will not waive the entire cost.

When travel greater than an hour is required we will reduce or waive teaching fees, but still require our travel, lodging and food costs to be met. We are not picky about lodging and food. 

Please note, this is based on need. We already provide excellent quality dance instruction for less than the average industry cost, and we do need those who can support our ministry financially to do so. If you would like to donate to TOD please contact us- your help is greatly appreciated!


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