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In a classroom teacher is the leader of a dance, the students follow, and the spirit is the spirit of learning- of wisdom, understanding and knowledge.


The plan/ pattern is the lesson plan. Good lesson plans are for the development of the student- for their glorification, so that they may better express themselves.


We would certainly feel a classroom in which all of the students are learning by following the lesson plan of the tecaher is a beautiful thing. It is musical/ spiritual if the students are learning. Comfort is found in element of trust between the teachers and students. Love is found because the teachers sacrafices his well being for the sake of his students, while studenst would do likewise for their teacher and for learning. 


Teachers and students communicate in different ways. As leaders teachers define the what, when and where  of the classroom day through the lesson plan. The communictae in a way that is concise and direct. Students sometimes do not know what it is they seek, aside from their teacher! If they are enthusiastic in their learning though well trained teachers can see what they need and are able to address their needs. Their actions and manners communicate what they need and desire. Theu speak in a way that is broad and flowing.  The joy of the student is not only in learning, but in being faithful to the teacher. The joy of the teacher is when the students find learn and find joy by following their teaching.







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