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Dancing Isn't a Democracy

Editors note: I recently spoke with Katie, and she is an avid Latin dancer looking to start a TOD community in New York State. This is a blog post from her blog from October 1, 2018.

Who knew such a potent lesson could come from dancing bachata! God can speak to us in all sorts of ways if we are open and listening, even on the dance floor. I am fairly new to social dancing, and it was a very intimidating pursuit! I have always been a very physical person and enjoy moving my body, but the thought to have someone else in my space moving WITH me seemed like a recipe for disaster. I was baffled how two people could move in harmony and beautifully, un-choreographed! Especially during fast energetic dances like salsa or the hustle! How are they not stepping on each other or elbowing each other in the face!? I quickly learned the lead/follow dynamic is what enables the beauty to unfold. As a free spirited, independent woman, this aspect was not immediately comfortable, and I still struggle with it. Part of my difficulty is waiting on the leader’s cues, but also in letting go and being in the moment and not trying to anticipate. It has been fascinating to me how differently each leader leads and how the lead/follow dynamic really is like a conversation without words.

A few nights ago a young man asked me to dance... (continue reading on Katie's site)

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