On the Necessity of Forgetfulness

July 11, 2019

Recently my friend Ben returned to town as a brand new priest, and I got to go to mass when he celebrated. In his homily he talked about how his journey into the church began in that very same parish, and how this felt coming full circle. He also talked about how we weren't there to congratulate him on being such a good guy to follow God's call, or to congratulate us on helping him hear that call. We were there to give thanks and praise to God for his loving plan and gentle lead. And it got me thinking, because a lot of what I do is teach folks the skills to follow, and I often praise them on their following.


If someone were to ask me what the point of dance was, I would tell them it is to contemplate your partner in the spirit of the music. It means to take in all of the goodness that is in my partner. As a good leader, all of my focus, in a certain sense, is on my partner and on the music. The less focus I can have on myself