Chastity and Culture

August 5, 2017

CCC 2344    Chastity represents an eminently personal task; it also involves a cultural effort, for there is “an interdependence between personal betterment and the improvement of society.”131 Chastity presupposes respect for the rights of the person, in particular the right to receive information and an education that respect the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life.


In a time long ago when I did not know how to dance I made several trips with a group of friends to a dance club. We were certainly going to dance and to have a good time, and while we had some fun, overall it was a bad experience. It was the kind of place that people often refer to as a "meat market", and there was a certain creepy factor to the place, because many people went there looking for sex. One time,as I was leaving the bathroom two men entered, and the first was complaining to the second how he could not believe how his wife was there as well. He was there to cheat on her, and he was cheating on her that very instant.