Song Review: Starving by Hailee Steinfield

June 15, 2017

I do a little bit of DJ-ing, and I'm always looking for new songs. My preferences are always for something that is well made, dance-able and  is in harmony with the Theology of the Body. It’s a big plus if it’s timeless- something that doesn’t go out of fashion.   It doesn't have to be the writer's intention to write a such a song. Indeed, sometimes there is a great joy in finding such a song.


The example I like to use is Save the Last Dance for Me. If we look at the meainigs of the body as male and female, it's literal meaning about a man telling the woman that he loves that she is free to enjoy the dance, but the last, and most important dance, is for him, But is has a spiritual meaning-it can also be interpreted as Christ telling the soul to enjoy the time here on earth, but don’t forget we are made to dance with him in heaven. While it was meant to be about romantic love, it just so happens to be theologically profound. Starving by Hailee Stienfield (featuring Zedd) is my new favorite such such song. Here's a plain video with the text:


I don't recommend watching the official video, unless you want to be convinced that the writer have no mystical ambitions. Not only that, but it fails to capture the essence of the song on the purely romantic level. To them it’s clearly a song about sex. But the lyrics are so easily re-interpreted as an experience of the Eucharist.