Let Them Eat Cake. And Dance!

August 18, 2016

Just recently I attended the wedding of two good friends. It was one of the most memorable weddings I have been to. It was in a gorgeous church, the mass was beautiful, and the homily amazing. I also had the opportunity to sit with two non-Catholic (or as I like to say, mostly Catholic) friends from the dance community. They were there because they, along with myself, had taught the couple how to dance. In fact, the couple had discerned there call to marriage with each other as practice partners! And in the homily Father said two things that really hit me that day.


  • “they did not come here to get something from the church, but to become something” a sign, a source of grace.

  • that their wedding day was not their greatest moment of love, because they were not yet the best version of themselves, because both had so much room to yet to grow in love.

Of course, after the wedding we went to the reception, and for a change there were also many dancers.  In addition to my two friends there were several of my students who had taken lessons with the bride. For all of us it was a lot of fun to watch them danc