What Does it Mean to Be Beautiful?

August 12, 2016

Marc Barnes of  Bad Catholic has a post on human beauty that really hits some fine points. Please read it- and if you're not familiar with him you ought to be. I love how he points out that we never actually see ourselves- that what we see is some representation of us- either in a mirror, or else video. But never ourselves. C.S. Lewis uses this to great effect in some of our writing. Since we can see the image of our face and of ourselves, we usually forget that this was not the case for most of human history. When St. Paul tells us we see dimly, as in a mirror, it was because the mirrors of his day and age were so bad that you'd never get a good idea of your face. To get a painting done of you was the only way you'd know your face. Nor could you watch yourself dance, because video was not invented.