Chapter 2 Cont.:The Four Qualities of Dance

July 4, 2016

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The rules of dance are not arbitrary. No one sat down, made up a bunch of rules and said “let’s call this waltz!” Instead they found that a certain kind of music, with 3/3 timing and flowing melodies was pleasing to the ear. Then they found that a certain set of movements matched up with the music and was beautiful, and when executed in the right way also felt very comfortable and even met deep psychological needs. Some of these needs are common to both men and women while others are unique to men or to women. It is because some needs are unique to men or to women that they have the natural roles This means that dance is based on our psychology and biology as well as theology. Dance has many wonderful qualities, but in the Theology of Dance I organize them into four main qualities: beautiful, musical, comfortable and loving.