Experience a Theology of Dance retreat! We interweave talks, discussion and reflection with quality dance instruction that focuses on building lead-follow skills. You’ll learn why dance is such an effective analogy for understanding our faith life and for loving God and neighbor while you build relationships with those in the TOD Community. Retreats can be tailored to different groups such as couples, schools or youth. Your retreat can run from 1/2 day to a full weekend. Retreats are good for groups of 30 to 150. A great option for a retreat is to end with a dance party.

Sample Retreat Outline

1:00 Opening Talk

1:15 Dance Lesson 1

2:00 Talk 1

2:20 Guided Discussion

2:30 Q&A / Group Discussion

2:40 Break/ Reflection Time

3:00 Dance Lesson 2

3:45 Talk 2

4:05 Guided Discussion (10 minutes)

4:15 Q&A/ Group Discussion

4:25 Reflection Time

4:45 Closing Prayer

5:00 Dance Party


Talk Topics

Just because we are Theology of Dance doesn't mean that we always talk about partner dance! Some topics we have presented on:

  • What is the Theology of the Body

  • How God is Love: the Trinity

  • Undertstanding the Spiritual Life and Discernment

  • What is Authentic Chastity? What is Authentic Modesty?

  • In the Beginning: What Adam and Eve were like & why it is important to you!

Scheduling a Retreat

Super simple! Just send us an email with subject line "retreat." Please include when you would like the retreat, how long,  where it would be and for what kind of group. 

Typical Retreat Costs

2 hours                     $300

4 hours                     $500

8 Hours                     $800

each hour over 8    $100


Retreat Payment and Financial Aid

In certain cases we require a deposit so that we can cover travel costs.  Payment of travel expenses is non-refundable.  All other payment can be done the day of the retreat, although you can pay ahead of time and that payment is refundable.


In line with our mission to spread the Gospel we offer financial aid for retreats. 


If an outside group is scheduling Theology of Dance we will offer a discount based on financial need. However, we do require that for such retreats that, at a minimum, all of our travel, room and food costs are paid for by the group scheduling us.


If Theology of Dance hosts the retreat we offer the same policy as our classes. 

there may be additional costs based on travel

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