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Loving Neighbor

The story of the Good Samaritan teaches us that the person we are physically next to is our neighbor. It's nice to have kind feelings for a stranger on the other side of the world, but he or she is not our neighbor. They are not the person we need to put up with. Often times our neighbor is not a nice person. Sometimes we are not that nice neighbor! The person on the subway we sit next to, our teachers, and our students, our coworkers, the cashier in the checkout line, our family and of course our next door neighbor- these are all our neighbor. 


Obviously there are many different kinds of relationships we have with our neighbors. Some are lead follow by nature- others are not. However every act of love, because it images God, is trinitarian. It consists of the one who initaiates the gift of love, the one who responds to the gift of love, and the spirit of love in which the gift is given and received. Some relationships are more like a dance, other less. When it is as much like a dance as it can be is when that relationship is most loving.




The one with the plan.

The one who initiates .

The one who responds

the one who expresses the plan


The one who defines the how. (who/ what determines how  the leader and follower speak, act , even dress.)

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