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Few days are as important as your wedding! That's why you spend so much time on things such as the dress, the cake and the decorations. But another part of the wedding that many people neglect is the first dance. Yet the ability to dance is the one thing you can keep from the wedding.

Many couples worry that learning to dance will make them feel more uncomfortable at their reception, but we strive to make sure you both feel comfortable. We tend to avoid teaching routines and instead teach you to lead and follow, to become more comfortable with each other. The dance lesson is done in a private room and is


“We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Matt when preparing for our first dance. By integrating the Theology of the Body into our lessons, he helped us grow closer and more connected as a couple and able to showcase that in our dancing. 

Matt was able to guide us from no experience to an ability to really enjoy and have a deeply meaningful first dance at our wedding. We had so much fun learning from Matt throughout the process and would highly recommended getting to experience his classes!”

Arthur & Caroline

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