About Theology of Dance

​When people first hear about Theology of Dance they are often skeptical. What does dance have to do with Theology? While some of our methods of teaching are new, the program is actully a continuation of a long tradition within our faith of understanding the spiritual and the divine through the analogy of romantic love. This tradition is what St. John Paul II called the Theology of the the Body. More on Theological content



Our Mission

To teach people to follow Christ in the Music of the Holy Spirit - to teach people how to have a fruitful spiritual life.  

To engage the world and evangelize the culture through beauty 

To use dances and lessons to create connections within churches and across churches. 

To teach chastity and modesty in their fullness.

Our Goals


To present the Christian Faith in a positive way- as the faith of yes.

So often when we learn about the faith it seems as if we are always suppose to say no. But our faith is meant to guide us to freedom- to know what to say yes to! We want to teach people how to love God and neighbor the right way, not avoid mistakes.  Dance is a relationship that is all about yes- about freely expressing yourself with no fear.

To teach to the whole person- rational, relational and physical.

Good catechesis, Pope Francis has told us, must address what we do, what we think, and what we feel! Dance by its nature speaks to our rational, emotional and physical being. It's not merely enought to tell a person what proper boundaries are. Dance trains those boundaries into their body! It associates the right emotions and thoughts with loving behavior.

To help the Church become one

Too often in the church we split people up into arbitary groups. But in dance people of all ages, and all walks of life learn together and form community together based on the shared love of dance. We do the same with our Christain faith. Dance by it's nature brings people together and builds trust. 

I’m still floating on the fun of an AMAZING date night Saturday: a Theology of Dance Retreat, featuring profound theological insights, fun dance classes, a great group, and an open dance party! What an incredible job of using dance to offer life-changing perspectives on how men and women dance with each other in relationships; how souls dance with God; and even how God dances within the Trinity. HIGHLY recommended!

Olivia South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What People are Saying about Theology of Dance

What a great instructor you were for us at the conference, leading 200 students and keeping them engaged in the lesson and moving! It's also a new level of dancing expertise. You are the Theology of Dance master!

Ray Spencer
Coordinator, National Catholic Singles Conference

I just think Theology of Dance is magnificent and needs to be supported and encouraged… You have to get books out on this because you have just a wealth of spirituality and theology on this! And dance is fun as well!

Fr. Thomas Loya, Theology of the Body Speaker 


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