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About Theology of Dance

I’m still floating on the fun of an AMAZING date night Saturday: a Theology of Dance Retreat, featuring profound theological insights, fun dance classes, a great group, and an open dance party! What an incredible job of using dance to offer life-changing perspectives on how men and women dance with each other in relationships; how souls dance with God; and even how God dances within the Trinity. HIGHLY recommended!

Olivia South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What a great instructor you were for us at the conference, leading 200 students and keeping them engaged in the lesson and moving! It's also a new level of dancing expertise. You are the Theology of Dance master!

Ray Spencer, Coordinator, National Catholic Singles Conference

I just think Theology of Dance is magnificent and needs to be supported and encouraged… You have to get books out on this because you have just a wealth of spirituality and theology on this! And dance is fun as well!

Fr. Thomas Loya, Theology of the Body Speaker 

Financial Aid Policy

Our primary mission is to evangelize and train Christians in the Faith and to spread the Gospel. While we like to be paid to teach, we never want a person to not attend  a group lesson or retreat for a lack of money. When attending events please explain the situation before the event and we will typically reduce or waive the lesson cost. For events hosted by churches, schools or other groups we will reduce or waive the fee if asked.


We often do one time events for free. Ongoing events will always require some financial support. 

For private lessons  we will reduce cost. We typically will not waive the entire cost.

When travel greater than an hour is required we will reduce or waive teaching fees, but still require our travel, lodging and food costs to be met. We are not picky about lodging and food. 

Please note, this is based on need. We already provide excellent quality dance instruction for less than the average industry cost, and we do need those who can support our ministry financially to do so. Futhermore, if you would like to donate to TOD please contact us- your help is greatly appreciated!

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